Feels Like Home

Sarah Tiffany King was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Her father was a true crime writer and fostered Sarah’s early influence in the Arts. Having a bachelor’s degree in fine art with a focus in painting and Drawing; Sarah went on to receive her master’s degree in education. Sarah has a woman owned business. Owning and managing The King Art Studio, an art school where she and her staff teach from ages 5 to adults.

Sarah has chosen a sabbatical from her business, to create a homage to her youth in Oregon, in the Oregonian coast. The series is still being produced through January of 2023. her artwork will be shown in Milan Italy in October of 2022, as well as Barcelona in December 2022. Sarah will also be showing in Miami in November 2022, and New York in 2023.

The series is about a dreamlike memory of her youth. Sarah wants to transition her viewers to be able to “walk through” her paintings. With stark (dark) backgrounds against bright colors using 3D organic materials creating a unique and different look. Resin lays atop of the artwork for vitality of color, as well as an ethereal look from the organic materials that lie beneath. 

All organic materials are found, dried, and sculpted on canvas before she paints and pours resin as a finish. Sarah works in layers, using mixed media and acrylic paint.