About Sarah

Sarah Tiffany King

Las Vegas Fine Artist Sarah Tiffany King was born in Portland Oregon, and studied at the University of Las Vegas, NV graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, focused in painting; Recently transitioning to Laguna Beach, California as an artist. Graduating with a Masters Degree in Education.

Owning an art studio in Henderson NV teaching children and adults in Fine Art.

She has been recognized as the Artist in Residency in Nevada 3 years in a row by Nevada Arts council.

Sarah is also a part of RAW artists and was selected in 2014 as a top artist in Nevada.  

Sarah’s aspirations for her newest works is to take viewers to another place, a place of inner peace, and she prefers to leave the paintings meaning up to the imagination of the beholder.

“Art is a part of me, more than an aesthetic principle. It is a projection. It is an imprint of an emotion, thought, and intuition. It is the intangible, manifested and distributed in unlimited forms. The ability to enlighten beyond the restraints of simplex corporal expression. It is an inexplicable richness and infinite reserve.”

Sarah is a featured artist for Raw; Natural Born Artists, a national organization dedicated to promoting Artists across the country.

Commissioned by the State of Nevada Arts Council Creating murals for the city.

Published in Millennium Magazine for her work as a Las Vegas Artist. As well as published in Unsung magazine for her series “Wonders of the World” she is also 

a published  Illustrator and children’s book Author.